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“How to forget someone whom u loves so much?” is a very common question asked by the people who have lived in the love relationship and now they have broken-up this relationship. The love relationship bi two hearts. We have many memories with the person whom we have lived in the love relationship. The break up is the worst part of love relationship and it is not easy to forget this person forever. It may be verydifficult for you to forget your loved one. But there are some rules which can help you to forget them.According to these rules, you should not be in the touch of that person. Because, if you be in touch of this person, you can never forget him/her. The another solution to forget your loved one is, never try torebound of this person. Because, when a relationship has broken, then it can never rebound in a strong relationship.

How To Forget Someone Whom U Love

How To Forget Someone Who Cheated You

If you are honest in the love relationship, then it is not necessary that he/she is also honest with you. You can be cheated in the relationship, so you should be careful about the relationship. If you are careless, then your loved one can cheat you. But when you come to know about the cheating of your loved one, this moment can be very irritating for you. It can affect your mind deeply. But fist think you have to do, is you should leave him/her without showing your pain. He/she should not feel that you are very sad about the break-up. You should also give him/her a chance to say something in the behalf of him/her. It may be amisunderstanding, so you should make break up after a deep thinking. If you have braked-up, then should keep no relationship with him/her. You should take some time to make love relationship with other person.

How To Forget Someone Who Is Dead

The born and death is the rule of nature. All the things have their expiry date, the living things which take the breath also have their expiry date. No one can change this rule, this rule is made by the god, and it is not on the hand of human being to change these rules. So it is not possible to take back anyone, who has gone in the sleep of death. So to forget is the best way to healing from the pain of losing someone. The people who satisfy with what he has will never be sad. If you have lost any your family member and whom you love, you should forget them. Because, you cannot take them back from the death.

How To Forget Someone After A Break Up

It is not easy to forget the person about whom you have love feeling and with your heart is bound strongly. But when you have made break-up, then it is good for you to forget him/her. If you want to forget him/her, then you have to ignore him/her. When, your loved one wants to rebound with you in love relationship you have to avoid this proposal. You should enjoy your life joyfully because this is the best way to forget the bad feelings. You have to keep focus on you and careful about your health. And you should be careful tomake relationship again.

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